Bass Pickups


pbass_klPBass pickups are manufactured in accordance with early vintage models, so they fit in all PBass PU slots. They are available as standard 4 and 5-string pickups with small or large magnets (small magnets are for the traditional sound, while large magnets are for more punch, more highs and more lows). Available on request - designs in the wood mounting of your choice or special designs, like a PBass in a Jazzbucker mounting).
All PB pickups are supplied with stainless steel screws.




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JB Pickups

jb1_klHäussel JB pickups are manufactured in accordance with the original winding data - with traditional 5 mm. magnets or as a "BigMag" version with large MM magnets. The covers have the standard dimensions for 4 and 5 strings and can be fitted with no problem. The
mountings are available in black, white or cream. All JB pickups are also available as side-by-side humbuckers (with 2 coils adjacent to one another to suppress hum). Other string spacings are available on request, as are wood mountings in various different designs, e.g. with pole pieces visible or invisible.



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MM-Style Pickups

mm4_klMM-Style pickups are manufactured with "original" Alnico5 magnets in various different lengths - the objective here is to attain the typical MM sound with distinctive lows and highs - and (of course) lots of "growl". Standard dimensions are available, as are 'special customer requests' (see photos). Besides the ABS covers in black, white and cream, the pickups are also available in various wood mountings with different magnet colours like gold, for example.




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jazzbucker_klJazzbuckers are humbuckers manufactured in wood mountings - they have 2 "original" JB coils. The single-coil mode offers the player the JB sound (all original tones possible), while the HB mode provides new switching sound options in series or parallel. The neck PU is also available in a wide mounting with 2 coils - a bass guitar, for example, can be equipped with 4 JB pickups - and that offers an enormous spectrum of sounds.


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By tradition, the "BassBar" pickup is manufactured in a wood mounting, supplementing the fine design of the bass guitar. Besides the standard ebony and fiddleback maple, we can supply almost any type of wood - you can even deliver your preferred wood to us yourself and we will process it for you. If you wish, a company logo can either be engraved on the top or inlaid as mother-of-pearl. Please ask us for prices.
Bassbars have a seamless magnetic field, for spacing, see the dimension drawings. Bassbars sound clear and assertive. The neck and bridge pickups are specially wound to match their positions and their volume to one another. Bassbars are supplied with 4-conductor wiring and
stainless steel screws. Mountings can also be supplied in ABS black, white or cream.


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